How to teach your kids riding an Electric Scooter?

Teaching your kids to ride a scooter is not an easy job. You have to take security measures in order to save your child from injuries. If someone wants to teach his child to ride an electric scooter, he is going to need a better electric scooter.

He should make sure that child is wearing a helmet and knees and elbow pads. Everyone who is riding an electric scooter should wear a helmet for his own safety. If someone is learning a new technique or skill like this, he will possibly fall and if he is not wearing helmet and knee pads, he may get hurt. In the beginning, there will be some difficulty in handling and be balancing but everyone has to start like this. So, don’t worry if your child faces difficulties in the beginning.

There is a proverb “practice makes a man perfect”. Your child may fall four to five times at first but ask him to get up and try again. The basic and the important principle of learning to ride a scooter is “try again and again till you succeed”. Here is the step by step guide.

1. Security measures:

  • If you want to teach your child to ride a scooter, you should have one. Make sure that its suspensions, battery, motor, screws, handlebars etc. are in good condition.
  • Make sure that child is wearing a helmet and possibly knees and elbow pads if necessary. This is just for safety.

2. Learn to balance:

  • First, you should ask him to try a freestyle scooter and use a smooth path. Provide directions because any cracks on the roads or rough area may cause trouble in balancing the scooter.
  • Ask him to hold the handlebars and put his/her one foot on the deck.
  • Ask him to kick, try to balance the scooter and keep his/her other foot in the air as much as possible.
  • Ask him to go slowly in the beginning otherwise, he may fall and get hurt.
  • If he/she starts slowly, he/she will be confident after four to six-try.

3. Pushing the scooter

Once the child can balance ask him to push forward with one foot on the deck and one foot on the ground. Push the scooter and try to balance both feet on the deck. Ask him to be careful and go slowly at first.

4. Learn to use speed button and brakes

On handlebar of electric scooter, there is the brake on one side and speed button on another side. The button may vary depending on the company and style of the scooter. After learning to balance both feet on the deck, start using speed button and brakes. This is the easy part of learning.

If you follow these steps while teaching your son or daughter to ride an electric scooter, I am sure he/she will learn within one or two days. One thing should be kept in mind while teaching that he/she is wearing a helmet. With time your child will get experience and will start riding on his own.

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Safety tips for riding electric scooters – the important things to be considered!

Electric Scooters are the most sought after game scooter everybody loves to have, cutting across age and gender difference.  These scooters are environment-friendly, low-cost maintenance, affordable and very much easy to handle even for children under the officially recommended age limit.  Before riding an electric scooter, it would be better to have some understanding about the safety tips for riding electric scooters.

It is paramount to buy safety gears while buying electric scooters. Things like the helmet, chin cover, kneecap, hand gloves and safety shoes are important safety accessories. Similarly, the electric scooters should have night reflectors that would be very much helpful during a night ride.  Extra care has to be taken while riding your electric scooter and follow the traffic rules that are very important.  A set of safety tips for riding electric scooters are appended hereunder.  Please go through it to have some on hand information.

  • Self-Check:

Make it a practice to check every time before you start your electric scooter and confirm all parts and joints are working perfectly well and intact. All the joining portions, nuts, and bolts, brake, tire pressure, etc., need to be checked carefully. Make it a routine practice. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road.

  • Helmet:

Head injuries are always very dangerous and may create colossal damages, sometimes even be risking your life.  To be on the safer side, it is highly recommended using safety helmet while riding an electric scooter.  It is one of the most important safety tips for riding an electric scooter to have adhered without any compromise.  Look for the approved quality helmets and make sure to select a good quality helmet that can meet your requirements.

  • Solo Rides:

The Electric scooters are made for solo rides. So, try to avoid going doubles or triples even for fun. Don’t even allow carrying heavy weights other than the permitted mass limit. Carrying excess weight may damage the scooter and risky for the rider.

  • Awareness about the scooter laws:

Follow the scooter-riding laws every time. If you don’t know about these laws, take help of some of your friends, or you can even ask help from the traffic department officers. The knowledge of road rules will help you to have a safe ride and also give you full knowledge about the riding etiquettes.

  • First aid knowledge:

 Learn some first aid knowledge.  First aid information will let you control any emergency situation and help you to take the proper course of action to be taken in the case met with any eventualities.

  • Battery:

Make sure the battery of your electric scooter is fully charged before taking it for a ride. And never forget to disconnect the battery from its motor when it is not in use. If you ever see any wire becoming broken or damaged, immediately stop using the battery or the scooter in any way and repair it at as soon as possible.

Also, be over cautious while using the battery and do not recharge in an area where the ventilation facility is not good. Never block the air vents of the charging units at any cost. This may result in overheating, which will ultimately lead to the creation of a fire hazard.

  • Limit your speed:

Always ride your scooter at a limited speed. Never attempt on rushing up yourself, no matter how much emergency is the situation. Particularly, teenagers may find great fun and exciting in competing with their friends. Avoid all these and be safe from accidents.

  • Riding on a wet surface:

The scooter should not be used on the wet surface as there are chances of skidding.  So, care to be taken while riding on a wet surface.

  • Know your electric scooter:

Each scooter has its own ways of handling. All electric scooters are propelled by an ignition switch with few foot kicks.  The twist handle throttling does the acceleration. Once the throttling is released, the speed will get reduced.  The technique is easy to master.


The right way of handling your electric scooter in return can offer smooth riding experience. To know the right handling technique, you must know the different parts of the scooter and how they are synchronized each other to work properly. So, it is important to have correct and accurate knowledge about its internal parts of the electric scooter that will help you to maintain your electric scooter easily.

All these preceding safety tips for riding electric scooters will help to keep yourself and your electric scooter safe! Preventive maintenance is the most important term in techno-engineering products, and electric scooters are also no excuse.