Build Your Own Scooter

When readymade scooters are available in the market, at all kinds of prices, why bother making your own scooter? Good question! The answer is many-sided.

  • You get a high sense of achievement.
  • You can make your scooter with parts of your choice – colors and shapes.
  • It is an extremely interesting work – almost like a jig saw puzzle.

Facts you should know before starting to build your own scooter

All the parts are available in the market. However, you should know the basic facts.

  • You should have a thorough knowledge of the parts you must use.
  • While selecting the parts, see that they belong to the same company.
  • You should see that all the parts you areusing are compatible with each other. The parts from different companies may not be compatible with each other.

Parts of a scooter

1. Deck –See that you have a comfortable deck that can accommodate both your legs comfortably.

2. Bar – The bar height should be chosen according to your height. You should be able to hold it comfortably so that you can control your scooter.

3. Fork – The fork is the part that holds the front wheel in place. It has to be particularly sturdy as it has to take a lot of rotation and most of the shock of the road.

4. Head set – This is the most important part of the scooter. It is connected to the front wheel and the bar. It should allow free spinning for the bars. The head set should be protected from dirt and water. Since dust and rust will hamper the spinning of the bar and wheels, it will not allow you perform tricks. Thus, a sealed head set is the most appropriate.

5. Clamp – See that the clam is compatible with your bar. Then only it will hold the bar in place.

6. Compression system – a compression system is used with threadless fork and threadless head sets. There are four types of compression systems. Of which, the standard compression system (SCS) is considered to be the best. This also should be compatible with

the bar.

7. Front wheel – The front wheel should be sturdy enough because when you perform tricks, it is the front wheel that takes the impact. The most advisable size is 100mm. There are wheels that glow when you ride or spin if you fancy it.

8. Grips – Grips for the handles are as very important as those for the kick scooter , especially when you are inclined to perform stunts.

9. Grip tapes – It is necessary to stick a grip tape on your deck in order to prevent your legs from slipping. Grip tapes of diverse colors and designs are available. Choose the one you like most.

10. Pegs – Pegs for front and back wheels are optional. But if you plan to have a few tricks on your scooter, you’d better fix the wheels with pegs on either side.


You should be prepared mentally and physically before any DIY jobs. Even if you follow the instructions closely, there is always a possibility of small mistakes, which requires dismantling and reassembling. In such cases you should not be disheartened and discard the project altogether. Before starting,

  • Decide on the color and model.
  • Get all the parts and lay them out systematically. Do not unpack and mix them, especially the small screws, bearings and the like.
  • Follow the instructions closely.

There you are! Now you know all the parts of a kick scooter and their functions. Go ahead and build your own scooter. You will be gratified by a few heads turning in your direction.